Friday, February 3, 2012

Online Promo Codes: Check it out before you checkout!

I love online shopping.  You can compare prices between stores with a click of the mouse.  You never have to worry about fighting crowds, finding parking spots or braving nasty weather.  Another plus is that there are quite a few stores who offer free shipping and you don't have to spend a dime on gas. 

When you are done shopping and are ready to checkout almost all stores have a space to put in a promo or coupon code.  Even if the store's website gives you a code, I urge you to look around anyway.  I've found that I can usually save at least an additional 15-30% off my order by using a code I found on the web instead of using the code that was on the site's homepage. 

The first place I look is  This site posts codes for A LOT of stores nationwide.  If I don't find what I'm looking for there, I'll do a google or yahoo search.  If you are a member of any online Q&A forums, you could post a question there (example:  Does anyone know of any Kohl's online coupon codes?)  I use Yahoo Answers and although I do get some good codes,  it can take days or weeks to get them. 

After you do the research, you will probably end up with several codes.  Now all you have to do is figure out which one will save you the most.  Pay attention to those "free shipping" codes.  A lot of them only give you free shipping up to a certain amount. 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Free stuff and great cereal deals at Walgreens

I went to Walgreen's today to pick up a few free items and take advantage of some cereal deals. This week (1/15/12 - 1/21/12) you can get a Thermacare (1 ct.) Neck & Shoulder OR Menstrual pain heatwrap for free.  You can also get a 5 pack of South Beach Diet Snack OR Meal bars for free. 
They also have select Kelloggs cereal 2/$4, (limit of 4 boxes) and I had several $1 off 2 boxes of Kelloggs coupons that I printed from (click here for coupons).  With the coupons, the price is $1.50 per box...not too bad.

This is how to get the free items:

You will have to pay for the items upfront and then the register prints out a rewards coupon for money off your next transaction.  The heat wraps are on sale for $2.49 and after you pay for it, you will get a rewards coupon for $2.49 off.  The South Beach bars are on sale for $5.99 and after you pay for them, you will get a rewards coupon for $6 off.  THERE IS A LIMIT OF ONE FOR EACH OFFER. 

I like to use my rewards coupons right away.  They do expire quickly, so I try to avoid the risk of not using them.  You can only redeem one rewards coupon per transaction, so I ended up doing 3 separate transactions today.
Transaction 1:  I purchased the heat wrap.  Paid $2.63 ($2.49 + tax) out of my pocket and got my $2.49 rewards coupon.

Transaction 2: I purchased the South Beach bars.  Paid $3.50 out of my pocket because I used my rewards coupon for $2.49off.  I also got another rewards coupon for $6 off.

Transaction 3: I purchased 2 boxes of Kelloggs Fruit Loops 12.2oz & 2 boxes of Kelloggs Frosted Flakes 14oz.  My total started at $8, but then I used my $6 off reward coupon, a coupon for $1 off 2 boxes of Frosted Flakes and a coupon for $1 off 2 boxes of Fruit Loops (click here for coupons).  My final total for this transaction ended up at $0.

I only spent $6.13 total for everything.

It's important to remember some cashiers will not allow you to do more than one transaction at a time.  If you run into this, you can always simply walk out of the store, turn around and walk right back in.  If you feel a little silly doing that, then you could try to split the transactions up throughout the week.  I found it was most efficient to to buy the items in the order listed above.  Remember, these deals are only good until this Saturday, 1-21-12.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cool Deals at Rite Aid until 1/14/12

I got all this for under $20!

I was a little disappointed when I walked into my local Rite Aid and found out that there was an error in their weekly circular.  The ad leads the consumer to believe that they will receive $3 UP rewards for each pack of Bic, Papermate, (& few other types of pens/highlighters).  This would've been an awesome deal since each 10 pack only costs $2.59.   The actual deal is that you have to buy $10 worth of pens to get one $3 UP reward.  Booo :( 
Anyway I still did pretty good, $65 worth of merchandise for $28.55 out of my pocket today, plus I earned a $10 Up reward ($10 off next purchase)  which brings my "total" total for these products down to $18.55.  That's about $46 saved!  You have to sign up to the sites I linked below to get the coupons.  Just use your "coupon" email address so your personal one doesn't get put on any mailing lists.  :)

Here's how I did it (I split this up into 2 transactions)

First transaction: 1ct. Thermacare Back Heat Wrap.  On sale for $3 and you will get a $3 off coupon for the next transaction.  That's right, this item is essentially Free!

Second transaction (make sure to use $3 off coupon you just got for the heat wrap):
4 boxes of Raisin Bran 15oz.  They are buy one get one free and then I used 2 $.70 off coupons Click here for coupon (you can print it twice).
Because I spent $30 (before coupons are applied) on the following items, I got the $10 UP reward ($10 off next transaction).

2 packs of 24ct. Stayfree Maxi's.  Use 1 in ad coupon to get them 2/$4 (If you didn't get a circular at home, they are usually right by the door of Rite Aid when you walk in)  Also use 2 $1 off coupons.  Click here for coupon (you can print it twice).

2 Reach Total Care toothbrushes.  Sale is buy one get one 50% off.  Then use $2 off 2 coupon.  Click here for coupon.

2 bottles of Clean & Clear facial cleansers/scrubs.  Sale is buy one get one 50% off.  Then use 2 $1 off coupons. Click here for coupon (you can print it twice).

1 .65oz bottle of Visine eye drops.  Use 1 in ad coupon for $2 off and also use $2 off coupon.  Click here for coupon.

1 pack of Reach floss.....$2.59......I only bought this so I would reach the $30 threshold.  I would've rather bought 2 18ct. boxes of OB tampons.  You can use the in ad coupon to get them 2/$4 and also use 2 $1 off coupons. Click here for coupon.  Too bad they were out, and they don't get another truck until next Wednesday.

YOU HAVE TO HAVE A WELLNESS CARD TO GET ALL SALE PRICES!! If you don't have one, no big deal....just get one!  It's totally worth it and it doesn't take much time at all.  Please remember to be super sweet to the cashier that has to run all these coupons.  Being nice always helps to ease any tension or confusion when dealing with such complicated orders.  I also let other people go ahead of me if there is a line.  Being considerate of others is always the way to go!  I also try to do this when I don't have my small children with's just easier to pay attention.

There are a lot of items that have printable coupons available that are also part of the "buy $30 get $10 UP reward" deal.  I suggest you take a look and get items you may already need for much, much less.  You can click here to see the Rite Aid Circular.  Have fun & happy saving!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Free Samples

Here are 2 more links to free stuff:
(see the post right before this one for a whole lot more!)

*Free sample pack of several single-serve varieties of NESCAFÉ® TASTER'S CHOICE®, just like the "free sample" on their facebook page and fill out the form:

*Free package of Windex® Electronics Wipes—perfect for cleaning everything from widescreen TVs to tablets and smartphones.:

Monday, January 9, 2012

Check out these FREE SAMPLES! Get free products delivered to your door.

I did a little looking around today and found these free samples.  They only last for a limited time, so if want to get your free stuff, don't wait too long.  I suggest that you open a separate email address to use for coupon sites and free samples.  Sometimes the cost of these free products is that you will be added to a mailing list.  Also, most of the sign up forms ask for your phone number, but do not require it.  I always leave that space blank.  All you have to do is let the manufacturer know where to send your free products and maybe some market research questions.  All of these offers worked for me on 1/9/12.  

*Free samples of Herbal Essence Shampoo, Crest 3D White Toothpaste & White Strips, and Always Maxi Leak Guard.  I also got some great coupons for Tide, Bounce, Tampax, Nice 'n Easy, Oil of Olay and more!  You will have to start an account, just use your "coupon" email address. :)

 *Beechnut Stage 4 toddler welcome kit free samples:

*Schick Hydrosilk Women's Razor Free Sample:

*Free sample pack of Kleenex, one for you and one for a friend!:

*Old Orchard Bogo coupon – hit like on fb to get printable coupon:

*Rebate form for free Pam(up to $4)  non-stick spray, must get proof of purchase by 4/27/12:

*Rebate form for free 20 lb. Arm & Hammer Ultra Last Cat Litter(up to $8.99), must get proof of purchase by 3/30/12:

*Free sample of Lactaid Fast Act Dietary Supplements:

Share the Wealth!  If you know of any other great deals or free samples, leave a comment below to let us all know.  Thanks! 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pizza and Hamburger Helper @ Glen's

Although these are not super deals, I thought they were worth mentioning.
This week, Glen's has spartan frozen pizza (select varieties 23.4 - 32.7 oz) on sale for 2/$8.88.  I do not believe that you have to buy 2 to get the sale price, but you will need your yes card.  Click here for a $1.00 off coupon for the same pizza.  After the coupon the price is down to $3.44 each. 
Hamburger Helper is on sale this week 10/$10.  Again, I don't believe you have to buy 10 to get the deal, but you will need a yes card.  Click here to find a coupon for $.80 off 4 boxes.  You will have to buy in sets of 4, but by using the coupons you'll only pay $.80 per box.
I haven't been able to find a Folgers coffee coupon online, but there may have been one in a recent Sunday paper.  If you're into Folgers, Glen's has select varieties 22.6 - 33.9 oz on sale for $7.77.  Obviously, if you can find a coupon you'll pay even less than that.  There is a limit of 2 cans of coffee per transaction.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cereal Coupons and Cereal Deals at Glen's Market

I found quite a few General Mills coupons online this week: 

$1.00 off 2 boxes of Cheerios (quite a few varieties)
$.50 off 1 box of Cinnamon Toast crunch
$.75 off 1 box of Multi Grain Cheerios
$.75 off 1 box of Fiber One (select varieties)

Click on these sites for coupons:

AND always check the Sunday paper!
I do a lot of my shopping at Glen's Market in Clare, MI.  They accept online coupons (not all stores do) and they double coupons up to $.50 all the time.  A coupon for $.50 off is automatically $1.00 off at Glen's.  For the week of Jan. 8, Glen's has Select varieties of General Mills cereal on sale for $2.49 a box.   If you buy 10 boxes, you automatically get $5 off.  This brings the price down to $1.99 a box.  Make sure you bring all your coupons with you to the store to make sure you can maximize your savings.  If we can only use 5 of the $1 off 2 boxes coupons the final price will be $1.49 a box.  If it turns out that Cinnamon Toast Crunch is part of the deal, (and we have 10  $.50 off coupons that will double to $1) then the final price for that will be $.99 a box.  IMPORTANT: You have to buy 10 qualifying items to get this particular deal.  It doesn't all have to be cereal.  Check the weekly Glen's ad to see which items are part of the deal.
 Keep in mind that Glen's is the type of store that requires a membership card to get the sale prices.  It's actually a good thing!  It doesn't cost anything and you earn points with your purchases that you can exchange for free groceries or gift cards.  You also get "targeted coupons" that show up in your account and sometimes they just give products away for free!  But, that is a subject for another post......
One more great deal I found at Glen's is for a Spartan brand product called "Golden Chips."  They're comparable to Sun Chips..... I like them ;). Anyway, the sale is buy one get one free.  I also found a coupon for $.75 off 1 10 oz bag of Golden Chips on the Spartan website. Click here for chip coupon.
That brings the average price per bag down to $1.47.
If you don't live by a Glen's, just check out the current sales in your area.  The cereal coupons can be used nation-wide.  I also encourage you to join a membership program at the store you shop at most if it's offered.  This can be a great way to score free groceries.
I'll post more deals when I find them!